With This Dress


I was referred to Daniela from my florist, Natalie. When I first began looking for a bridal gown, I wanted a short one, but ultimately fell in love with a long one. Natalie told me that Daniela had been able to convert another bride's dress into a shorter one for the reception. I knew I had to meet her!  She is warm, knowledgeable, and very confident in her work. Daniela is not only a wedding dress seamstress, she designs and creates wedding dresses as well! WOW!  I remember asking at my first fitting, What if I don't like something? She said, then I un-do it, and fix it so you do like it. She always had a smile on her face, and she was so confident in her work. That sold me! Daniela, went above and beyond for my wedding. I asked her to create a shorter dress out of my full length one and she did it! She hid a zipper in one of my tiers in the long skirt, then created a fun, flirty just above the knee length skirt that I could zip on at the reception. EVERYONE LOVED IT at my reception!!! I was worried at first, because I had no idea if this would work, I cannot sew at all. It was PERFECT! She does incredible work, she LOVES her brides and she is AMAZING at what she does. 
I was VERY NERVOUS about getting my dress altered at a bridal salon; they charge WAY too much, they have TONS of brides to deal with and I just don't think you get the attention, that you may need on your wedding day.  Daniela came to MY MOM's house ON my wedding day, steamed all of our dresses, helped me get into mine, and just made my whole wedding experience wonderful.  As you can see, I cannot say enough about Daniela's work, her warm demeanor, and her INCREDIBLE customer service, which is ABOVE AND BEYOND what I expected. She is a wonderful person, besides being extremely talented. Book her now and you will not be sorry.  Save yourself some stress and book Daniela at With This Dress. She is outstanding!!! Everyone went crazy for it!!  I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
- Renee

​​I cannot say enough great things about Daniela. She was referred to me from my mother in law who had first hand experience with Daniella after she transformed my sister in law's wedding gown into a piece of art and after she altered a wedding gown and made a reception dress for my other sister in law. My dress was a little different because I was pregnant. I went to her early, and while it is an unknown of how much I would really grow while pregnant, I can honestly say my dress fit perfect. In addition, I had her cut the top to make it sweetheart and it looked exactly how I imagined (and like it was made that way). The bustle lasted all night and was so easy to tie. Daniela truly is an artist. 

You are on your way to one of the most amazing experiences of your entire wedding! My journey began because I wanted a dress from a designer/line that no one in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs carried. Wow! Right? How could this be? So I went ISO a designer that would be willing to recreate the dress I had coveted for a year. I worried about the process b/c I lacked any real time to devote to dress making. I wanted to try something on, buy it and move along. I could not have been more wrong. Having my dress designed has been, HANDS DOWN, my favorite part of planning my very out of control wedding. This is no small part due to Daniela (owner, operator, designer extraordinaire). From the first meeting to the last alteration, she worked with all of my little body quirks (we all know women are slightly uneven in certain areas!). The dress, unlike ones off the rack, is made specifically for ME! I needed higher in the bust, lower under the arms, and accommodation for my aformentioned "unevenness". Done, done and done! And, just so we are clear, for under the price it would have cost to buy the original dress, much less alter it. She also completed my wedding day look with hair piece and veil! My dress is nothing short of amazing. Instead of copying the original dress, she added the most awesome details (inifinity signs in my florettes b/c we will be together forever! How adorable!). My wedding date is sewn into the hem and my crinoline is custom made by Daniela. Did I mention she's amazing? And the final amazing detail, she embroidered my parents' names on the bustling strings. They passed away during my engagement. I couldn't think of a better way the honor them. They will be with me all night long! I hope you made it to the end of this review. I also hope you check out the website and contact Daniela. You will never regret the decision to have your dress custom made. Daniela will be there on my wedding day to dress me. A final detail to service!

 - Sabrina